Active Partition Recovery is the excellent data recovery toolkit. It will help you to recover the folder and files. It allows you to recover formatted, deleted and damaged disk. The software features the complete data recovery. Active Partition Recovery Key Generator offers extremely easy to use interference, preview folders and files and deletes partition and scan quickly. Active Partition Recovery Key also detects and recovers data from partitions and logical drives. It offers design you to restore accidentally deleted data. The software allows you to create Master backup Boot Record (MBR), boot sector and partition table. Active File Recovery offers restore and backup logical drives including NTFS5, NTFS, FAT 32, FAT 16, FAT 12 and much more. Active Partition Recovery Torrent enables you to restore scan drives and entire physical hard drive to search for recover or delete partition. It also detects formatted and damaged partition. This lets you to create backup and recovery for hard drive images. It also lets you to preview folders and files and then browse via deleted partition while recovering your data.

Active Partition Recovery Review:

Active Partition Recovery offers few additional features like file recovery utility, integrated disk hex viewer and editor and boot disk creator. Active Partition Recovery Key has quick scan and simple detection after deleted or reformatted partition. It has super scanning process for low level scan to reformat and scan damage partition. Active Partition Recovery offers restore and backup solution for disk partition info and has an ability to roll back to the rear state. This offers fixing damage partition table, Master boot record MBR and GPT. You can create disk image sector of byte-by-byte for data backup of any recovery. Active Partition Recovery Key Generator auto restores all the data from RAW, VMware, compressed and disk images. It is compatible with WinPE, Vista 2012, 2008, 2003, server of Windows 10, 7 and 8. The software recovers XFS, BTRFS, EXT4, EXT2, EXT3, UFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS and exFAT. Active Partition Recovery Torrent auto recovers Memory cards, Flash disk, USB, RAID, SCSI, SSD, eSATA, SATA and IDE. You can recover full volume of lost due to formatting, virus attack, malicious program and any type of power failure.

Active Partition Recovery has Unix XFS and Linux file system data recovery. It offers logical volume manager recovery (LVM). The software contains latest signature of DXF, MAX, 3DS, MSG and AC3. It has advance LDM support for DOS recovery and DOS console. Active Partition Recovery supports Microsoft Refs file systems and JFS. It contains components such as Popup trenchancy, compatibility of across screen and dialog dock able. Active File Recovery supports app contains HFS, UFS and Exat that gives extension of 4069 byte disk hard drive. You can add your personal signature to the files like zip files, SWF files, Media M4a, and Quick Time files. It has an ability of multi-task and performs scan recover data simultaneously. Active Partition Recovery Torrent has RAID virtual reconstruction that supports RAID 0. RAID 1, RAID 5 and more.

Active Partition Recovery Features:

  • Supports EXT, UFS, HFS, NTFS and FAT
  • Restore RAW and compress virtual disk images
  • Repair disks and restore lost partition
  • Recover damaged file systems and volumes
  • Partition Table, GPT, MBR and more
  • Scan and detect partition
  • Create sector data and backup recovery
  • Disk partitioning and restore

What’s New in Active Partition Recovery?

  • Last chance recovery method for few several damage file systems and volume
  • Advance Linux EXT4 and UNI XFS file system recovery
  • Advance display for HIDPI and large resolutions
  • File Meta display for DIR, INDX and FILE
  • Restore lost partitions and disk backup in working state.

How to Get Installed?

  • Simply click the tab given below
  • Download file
  • Start installation
  • Enjoy
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