AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a kind of software designed for system data. It is free utility available to make a factory recovery partition on your PC with a few mouse clicks. There are two buttons on the interface of AOMEI OneKey Recovery – the one is for system backup, and the other one is for system recovery. As the alternative to Lenovo one key recovery, it can be installed and used in any brand computers and PCs shipped with Windows system. Moreover, this FREE program can easily help you to create a factory recovery partition, make system backup and restore in case of your system crashes, and you can use it to restore your computer to its factory default or a previously backed up state by pressing “F11” (default) or “A” key during system startup.AOMEI OneKey Recovery 1.6 Free Download

AOMEI OneKey Recovery not only recovers your Operating System but also all your applications, drivers and all personal data to the initial state when the AOMEI OneKey Recovery image was made. Even the novice users can use this software with ease. It takes care of everything from creating recovery partition to adding OneKey Recovery options to the boot menu. All you need is a free partition on your hard drive with enough space or unpartitioned space in order to create the recovery partition. After selecting a partition to use as recovery partition, it automatically creates image of your system drive.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is used for only system backup and restore. If you need disk backup, partition backup, file backup and so on, you can try the other freeware developed by AOMEI team- AOMEI Backupper Standard.

What’s New in the latest version 1.6?

  • Upgrade AOMEI OneKey Recovery freeware to charged software

  • Add five editionsFree, professional, Premium, Technician and Customization

  • Fixed some bugs of previous version.

There are five editions to meet different users’ demands, you can choose it based on software’s features and your needs. The other four charged editions are: Professional, Family Pack, Technician and Customization. You can read their difference in edition comparison.AOMEI OneKey Recovery 1.6 Free Download

Installation environment Requirement:

  • Supported Operating SystemsWindows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista.

  • Supported Storage DevicesLocal disks, External hard disks, Solid state drives, USB flash drives, etc.

  • Supported Disk TypesMBR disk, GPT disk and UEFI Boot.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery 1.6 Free Download from the Given Links: