What is freedom Apk v2.0.8b latest 2018

Freedom Apk v2.0.8b latest 2018 is industry de-facto standard when it comes to hack any game. You can get all your game resource with Freedom App using it feature call in-app purchase exploit. Freedom Apk exploit the in-app purchase feature and populate your account with game resource, without actually paying anything. This software is now the latest trend among the game community, which enjoy free resource of game at any time.

Freedom Apk is developed by kbApps and is the no1 treading app in google play. Boosting a huge install of over 5,000,000, this software has caught the imagination of game community. There are many Apps like freedom Hacked which is used in hacking Android application and which perform the same task, such as Gamekiller Apk, GameCIH and Game Guardian.freedom apk no root

Freedom Apk latest version

Freedom Apk latest version is v1.0.8b which is released on March 8, 2018. You can download your freedom Apk form our website and get all the premium feature.

Among all these Android game hack application, Freedom Apk perform in-app purchase exploit, whereas Gamekiller, GameCIH and Game Guardian perform hacks on search result. Freedom Apk is easy to use among these software and work with almost all the popular game such as
• Boombeach
• Clash of clans
• Plant vs zombies 2
• Clash Royale
• Game of war –Fire Age
• Clash of kings
• Hay Day
• Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
• And many more

Feature of Freedom v2.0.8b Apk

• More bug fixes
• Software has added support for more apps/games
• Software now supports Marshmallow.
• Many games crush when freedom Apk do in-app purchase , that bug has been removed
• Previous version shows in-app purchase successful, but the actual gems and coins never comes to account, this bug has been rectified
• Now freedom v2.0.8b Apk has new GUI
• All most all game can be hack using Freedom Apk
• Freedom Apk takes lesser resource while in use.
• New Freedom Apk now support Android lollipop version.

Compare between Freedom Apk vs Game Killer Apk

Game killer v4.10 apk is another application which can hack any Android offline game. It also can provide unlimited game coins, money, gems, and diamonds. Game killer Apk works in different principle as compare to Freedom Apk. Game killer Apk searches all result available on its software and if it find the desired result, it populate the whole coins and game resource in your account.

As compare to Game killer apk, Freedom Apk uses the in-app purchase vulnerability and it exploit it and give your instant gold coins and game resources. Both software are industry de-facto standard when it comes to hack game resources.freedom apk no root

Why you should use Freedom App

Freedom App is very easy to use and it support all in-app purchase. You can have stress free shopping of your game inventory with freedom Apk. Freedom Apk will populate every game which has the in-app purchase facility. It is more safer and easy to use freedom Apk then other similar type of game hacks such as Game killer.

Freedom Apk Pros and Cons

These are the Freedom application Pros:
• You can get unlimited game resources such as coins, gems, diamond in the game.
• You can do unlimited time in-app purchase in your game for resources
• Freedom application is very easy to operate
• Freedom application has very beautiful GUI
• Very stable, it will never crash

• Earlier freedom Apk sometime crash while doing in-app purchase
• You have to root your smartphone to use this.
• Freedom Apk can hack any game in the industry, if any game is not responding to in-app purchase, just give in the comment section, we will forward this to main coder of the app.

Freedom Apk Specification

• Application name : Freedom Apk
• Application version : v1.0.8b
• Application version updated: March 8, 2018
• Application size : 3.0 MB
• Application Required Android: 4.0.3 and up
• Application developed by: kbApps

Does it is safe to Use Freedom Apkfreedom Apk no root

Yes, it is safe to use your freedom Apk no root for your games. You can think it is beyond your ethics, and then this software is not for you. This software will do real in-app purchase and will populate your account with game resource without giving any real money. So, before you use this there is warning “USE THIS IF YOU THINK IT IS OK FOR YOU“. No one is forcing you to download this software and we will be not held responsible for providing you this software.

This software will definitely do game hack and populate your game account with desired resources such as gold, mana, diamond etc.

How to do Use Freedom ApK for unlimited in-App purchases

1. If you have any previous Freedom Apk uninstall it.
2. Freedom Apk download file is given in our website apk paradise
3. It will automatically download the required file from our server.
4. Before installing on your smartphone, make sure that you have “Unknown sources” selected in your security settings.
5. Now install the downloaded freedom APK and launch it
6. You have to allow superuser permissions request(root access) to your smartphone
7. Now browse and find the application, which you want to use free in-app purchase. Freedom application will start automatically and will show the in-app purchase.
8. Now you are ready to make in-app purchase.
9. Enjoy it, you are now doing in-app purchase free.

Freedom Apk Video

Final Verdict on Freedom Apk

We give Freedom Apk 5 star ***** for providing such a nice hack. You can safely hack any game using the in-app feature of Freedom Apk. Play and win the game now! In case freedom apk not working, you can always give comments on the website, we will make sure that Freedom Apk works for you.

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